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Buddy Martin

Buddy Martin View

Team Member since 1992
Chris Martin, CMD

Chris Martin, CMD View

Team Member since 1995

Hometown- Burlington, NC
Education- NC State
Favorite Vacation Spot-Mountains
Favorite Place to Eat- Will's Grill, Zoe's Kitchen, Elliott's on Linden (I like to eat!)
Favorite TV Show- NFL Football
Favorite Band- Genesis
Favorite Movie- Sherlock Holmes
Most Influential Person- Buddy Martin
One Thing You Can't Live Without- Jesus Christ
Words to Live By- Passion is the driving force behind success
Scheila Minnitte

Scheila Minnitte View

Documentation Analyst
Team Member since 2012

Hometown-Tres Coroas, Brazil
College- Unisinos (Brazil) / Methodist University
Favorite Vacation Spot-Torres Beach in Brazil
Favorite Place to Eat-Nakama Sushi bar in Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite TV show- Big Bang Theory and Friends
Favorite Band-​ Bon Jovi, U2, and Maroon 5
Favorite Movie- ​Unbroken
Who is Your Most Influential Person- My sister
Name the One Thing You Can Not Live Without-​ My morning coffee
Words to Live By- "Believe you can and you're halfway there" T. Roosevelt
Curtis Johnson

Curtis Johnson View

Customer Satisfaction Creator
Team Member since 1997

Hometown- Fayetteville, NC
Favorite Vacation Spot- Oak Island
Favorite Place to Eat- Logan’s and Golden Corral
Favorite TV show- Blue Blood and Chicago Fire
Favorite Band- Alabama and Gaither Vocal Band
Favorite Movie- Big Jake
Who is Your Most Influential Person- My mom 85, and still fighting.
Name The One Thing You Can Not Live Without-Love of my kids and grand kids.
Words to Live By-Never Judge a book by it’s cover.

Mary Racz View

Finance Manager
Team Member since 2016

Shikia Johnson View

Customer Satisfaction Creator
Team Member since 2016

Patricia Noble View

Customer Service Specialist
Team Member since 2016
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